At Nalari Health, we are bringing online health care to life.

We believe that today’s approach to delivering, managing and paying for health care is fundamentally flawed, especially when it comes to the most complex and costly patients. Current health care systems provide and pay for “sick care” rather than health care, often in the wrong locations and at the wrong times. High-quality and value-driven health care demands a better way.

Nalari Health delivers a first-class health care experience that connects the very best people, processes and technology available – for every patient, wherever and whenever he or she needs treatment. Here’s how we do it:

  • By linking patients, providers and caregivers through technology, when and where care is needed. By moving the location and timeliness of care, we dramatically improve patient experience, health outcomes and quality of life.
  • By delivering actual physician-directed online clinical encounter —  including remote monitoring of patients, and coordination of care between an interdisciplinary team of physicians, patients and their caregivers — at the location of the patient at the moment of need.
  • By providing a comprehensive remote care benefit, aligning patient and payer outcomes on a bundled capitated basis and reducing costs via a more efficient care delivery model while improving outcomes.
  • By removing the operational burden of a fee-for-service, in-person care model, Nalari Health is able to provide the care patients deserve at the time and location they require it  – before issues lead to complications —  while eliminating costly non-value-added billing and reimbursement procedures.
  • By complementing existing health care programs, systems, and processes while providing new levels of access and care management solutions to patients and their caregivers.
  • By fundamentally changing the way health care is delivered, consumed and paid for.

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Online health care changes everything – payment, processes, access to care, outcomes and expectations.  Nalari Health is leading the way to dramatically improve the experience and quality of care for everyone.

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Origin of the name “Nalari”
Nalari is the transliteration of an oral expression of the Masai, a culture originating near the Great Rift Valley along the eastern coast of the African continent.

Nalari expresses the spirit of healing after injury, of spring after winter, rejuvenation; the tendency of the world to become complex, alive, and self-aware.

U.S. Senator Jack Reed and members of the extended Nalari Health team demo the Nalari Health solution and discuss the potential for increased access to health care for Rhode Island and beyond.


Nalari Health is proud to work with community organizations that improve access to healthcare.