Nalari Health delivers technology-enabled remote care, moving the location and timeliness of care for high-risk/high-utilization patients.

Solutions that Bring Online Health Care to Life

Nalari Health specializes in helping stakeholders develop, deploy and support online health care initiatives to achieve the very best outcomes.

Comprehensive Network of Trained Providers (Care Delivery)

Unlike many point solutions available today, Nalari Health is a complete online care delivery network including physicians (primary care and a multi-interdisciplinary list of key specialists), nursing staff, healthcare coordinators, nutritionists, dietary services and more.  Nalari Health even enables family members and other care givers to have access in support of enrolled members and offers the peace of mind of 24/7 remote urgent and emergency care and triage services.

Empowering Better Outcomes via Integrated Equipment

Nalari Health enables/replicates a complete physician clinical encounter for even the most complex patients. The Nalari Health online care solution allows patient to physician visual and verbal interaction, secure clinical data/results transmission and storage and most importantly the ability on a timely basis for the MD to determine a diagnosis and/or initiate therapies without delay of an emergency room visit or subsequent office visit appointment.

Using the proprietary Nalari Health online health care system, patients and providers benefit from the integration of a full suite of telepresentation equipment including computer and high definition video hardware, biometric monitoring equipment like weight, glucose, blood pressure, PT/INR (blood clotting), peak flow, pulse oximeters and more.

First-Class Health Care Experiences Powered by the Industry-Leading Online Care Portal

Nalari Health proudly partners with industry leader American Well™  Online Care Suite for 100% secure and HIPAA compliant provider/patient encounters.  The solution is certified for meaningful use, is highly scalable, features comprehensive encounter records including patient health history, E-prescribing, medication reconciliation and management, and full back office payment integration.

Comprehensive Operating Services From Nalari Health

Working with Nalari Health leverages best of breed technology and comprehensive operating services including program and benefit design, program management, and care coordination services.  Our evidence-based clinical model and interdisciplinary provider services incorporate Business Process Management and industry best practices to ensure successful, scalable results.

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Nalari Health is proud to be the convener of a prestigious group of Rhode Island health care stakeholders, including leading service providers, hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, academic research organizations and patient advocates who are working together to deliver breakthrough care models for the most at-risk patients in our state.   In collaboration with these organizations, Nalari Health has submitted two innovative proposals to the CMMI Health Care Innovation Awards Challenge.

We are thankful to our state delegation for their participation and for providing signed letters in support of our proposal.  For more information, read the letters for each project:

•  Improving Care for Nursing Home Residents through a Capitated Remote Care Benefit

•  Technology-Enabled Integrated Care Benefits for the Developmentally Disabled Population.