Benefits of Online Care

Nalari Health specializes in helping organizations develop, deploy and support online health care initiatives to achieve the very best patient outcomes. This mission often results in significant cost savings, but the overall benefits are far greater.

For Consumers/Patients:

Nalari Health is proud to partner with American Well to provide secure online technology through which patients can access physicians for live, on-demand, and scheduled encounters. This comprehensive solution helps provide:

  • Immediate access to primary care physicians and a variety of specialists from home or work, securely, privately, and in real time
  • Convenience of receiving care on patient’s own terms, using the Web, live videoconferencing, or phone
  • Choice of providers based on patient-driven criteria – whether through an existing relationship, or selected according to characteristics  such as specialty, language, gender, hospital affiliation or zip code
  • Quality care from credentialed physicians who can provide consultations, recommend treatment and write prescriptions online if necessary
  • Continuity of care with the ability to access physicians regardless of location and to share detailed care reports with primary care physicians or Nalari Health care coordinators
  • More coordinated care options via patient-centered medical homes, provider-to-provider communications, supportive biometric devices and real-time monitoring and alerts.


For Physicians:

Online health care is providing physicians with an additional, efficient and powerful way to achieve positive patient outcomes. With online health care, it is possible to:

  • Practice anytime, anywhere. Many physicians who have embraced online care comment that they enjoy “getting their life back” by being able to practice when they want, where they want.
  • Increase revenue by obtaining new patients originated through online consultations, offering new services to existing patients, converting currently unpaid encounters such as email and phone calls, and being paid for time spent supporting patients remotely.
  • Streamline the overall care delivery, administrative back-end processes and payment processing, enabling providers to be paid in full for services in a quicker, more efficient manner – while seamlessly integrating with current practice flow.
  • Deliver new channels of communications with patients, offer more flexibility and access to other providers to provide a higher level of service, and eliminate the constraints of being tied to a facility or office for the delivery of care.
  • Enable patient-centered medical homes in which physicians can make the switch from episodic treatment to proactive and consistent management of their patients’ health needs and can add a physician team to the care plan – all coordinated efficiently online.
  • Allow physician-to-physician collaboration whereby they can easily communicate with one another to provide patient care, including the ability to quickly determine the changes in care that have occurred across specialty disciplines.
  • Support Accountable Care Contracts by improving follow-up care for at-risk patients and coordinating care across providers in a clinically effective and cost-effective manner, with simpler administration.

For Payers

Online health care has the potential to significantly reduce cost within the health care system while simultaneously improving the quality of care and customer experience – the primary goal of payer organizations and health plans across the country. With the effective deployment of online health care via robust web-based platforms such as those provided by American Well, payer organizations have the potential to:

  • Tailor healthcare services to targeted populations by combining the right mix of provider benefits to meet the specific needs of various segments of your population. This personalized service not only improves customer service to your members, but also delivers better health outcomes to reduce costs.
  • Offer members the ability to interact with providers immediately. This is a transformational change in how benefits are perceived. Health plans can leverage this service to bring care to the consumer’s location, address absenteeism, and fundamentally change the plan’s product appeal in open enrollment.
  • Reduce medical costs by shifting appropriate care to a lower-cost setting, such as the home; enabling more frequent follow-ups for at-risk patients; and reducing re-admissions through improved patient care.
  • Extend the reach of the health care delivery system to members’ homes — the least expensive care setting — to shift the framework of care away from more expensive settings such as physicians’ offices, emergency rooms and out-patient clinics.
  • Improve access to appropriate care for the uninsured and wider community, limiting expensive and unnecessary visits to emergency rooms.

For Employers

Online health care represents an innovative service that helps employers attract and retain employees with increased productivity and control of rising medical costs. Through online health care, employers can now:

  • Increase employee productivity by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism.  Online health care gives employees an alternative to taking time off from work or waiting to be seen for a doctor’s appointment when they have a medical need.
  • Reduce medical costs by shifting care from more expensive settings, like ERs and urgent care centers, to the lower-cost settings of the home or workplace.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing a differentiating service that allows employees to manage their own health and the health of their families in a convenient and affordable way – reflecting the employer’s commitment to well-being.
  • Meet unique health care needs, with the ability to create a dynamic spectrum of healthcare professionals that accurately caters to the profile of employees.

Online care solutions are radically changing the health care delivery landscape by providing better patient outcomes and saving costs.

Nalari Health provides a comprehensive range of solution implementation services and technologies to help organizations make the promise of online health care a reality.  Read more here.