Frequently Asked Questions About Online Health Care Solutions

For Program Sponsors:

What technology do I need to deploy online health care solutions?
On the patient and provider sides, the basic online health care solution requirements are as simple as either a phone or a Web browser and Internet access. Web cameras are recommended, but not required. Additionally, many Nalari Health programs provision for the additional communications and biometric monitoring technology that may augment care for specific conditions. For program sponsors, Nalari Health provides hosted software as a service solutions so that our customers do not need to worry about servers, network, or security infrastructure. Our solutions are hosted in a secure data center with 24/7 coverage, back-up and fail-over capabilities. Nalari Health is an end-to-end technology solution provider. Our specialized teams work with your organization to conduct a comprehensive technology needs assessment and gap analysis as well as make specific technology recommendations for patients and providers as part of our full-service care coordination and provider enablement services.

How can I identify the programs within my organization that will benefit the most from online health care solutions?
Nalari Health understands the importance of choosing the right place to start, and as such we specialize in supporting our customers in identifying, designing, executing and managing targeted programs that reduce costs, drive adoption and ultimately provide the hard evidence to justify larger-scale programs. We can assist your team in identifying the initial scope by balancing return on investment with improved customer service, measurement and organizational alignment.

How can help my organization adapt to this new way of providing care?
Proactive organizational change management is at the heart of Nalari Health’s solutions. Nalari Health was founded specifically to deliver both the great new technology available to our customers and the organizational requirements to utilize and benefit from that technology. We provide strategic consulting, change management and comprehensive training services to help providers understand the opportunities online health care offers and how to use their online care system. Nalari Health also provides a number of outsourced care coordination, marketing and online patient intake service options.

For Physicians:

How are physicians paid?
Patients pay physicians for their online care visits using credit or debit cards, which are pre-authorized prior to any encounter. Funds flow immediately and automatically into the designated bank account when a visit is complete. Claims submission, if appropriate, is handled by the practice through its existing processes and systems. Some of the programs Nalari Health facilitates on behalf of large payer organizations and targeted patient populations include bundled care packages that address a wide variety of compensation models for physicians.

How are physicians credentialed?
Physicians are credentialed by the operators of Online Care services, since these are the same physicians already providing care as part of their trusted networks.

What information is available to a physician before the consultation?
Patients can choose to share many types of information with a physician prior to a consultation. The physician can review a health summary report that includes specific issues a consumer would like to discuss, as well as personal health records, before accepting an online consultation. The physician can also access summaries from previous online conversations and data from electronic feeds containing claims, pharmacy, and predictive modeling information when available. Based on this information, the physician can choose to proceed with the consultation or recommend a more appropriate provider to the patient.

How is malpractice insurance handled?
The Online Care system allows the provider to care for their own patients in a more informed, documented, HIPPA-compliant manner. Providers can contact their carrier if they require further clarification on the range of non-in-person contact that they have with their patients (e.g. phone, email, or online care).

For Patients/Consumers:

What do I do in an emergency?
Online care is not a replacement for traditional emergency services. If you are experiencing a health emergency, call 911 immediately.

What technology do I need in order to use online care?
Nalari Health partners with American Well to provide a website though which patients access online health care. To use the site, you will need a web browser with Internet access. Web cameras are recommended, but not required. After enrolling online, you can also use the phone to access the service.  Some care protocols may also require the use of biometric devices that measure and report health-related data.

Who determines the care I receive?
You and your primary care physician typically determine your care plan. Nalari Health provides care coordination services which facilitate the use of online care technologies, along with remote monitoring for early detection of potential adverse events. These care coordination services are intended to enhance, not replace, traditional care as well as to improve the overall access to care. A care coordinator can help you identify and schedule the right physician intervention online, in your home, when you need it. Our goal is to provide you with the information, tools and resources you need for you and your doctor(s) to better manage your health care in order to improve health outcomes and your quality of life.

Who will have access to my medical records?
Your medical records are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The American Well Online Care system provides a secure environment which protects your medical records from unapproved access. You decide who will have access to your medical records in an easy-to- use and understand interface.

Where do I go if I need help?
Each of the Online Care programs supported by Nalari Health have online help and support services. Often, the program recommends you contact your care coordinator with any questions you may have on the program or technology.

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