Our Mission

Nalari Health is comprised of dedicated healthcare, management, technical and support professionals who share a common mission to help effect better patient outcomes via the use of online health care.

This mission is based on a set of common beliefs. They are:

  • We believe that the delivery of health care in the United States is cumbersome, inefficient, expensive and inconvenient
  • We believe we can reduce cost, improve access and improve the quality of health care in the United States
  • We believe that patients deserve to speak to qualified healthcare professionals at their convenience and at a reasonable cost
  • We believe doctors and other providers should be able to practice medicine, any time anywhere 
  • We believe that payers, providers and patients can collaborate to improve individual health
  • We believe that easy-to-use, secure information technology can provide enabling capabilities which can revolutionize the delivery of health care
  • We believe that online health care can enhance the quality of the healthcare experience
  • We believe in the highest standards of ethics and values
  • We believe in challenging the status quo
  • We believe that America is ready for a new health care delivery model

This is why we are dedicated to bringing online health care to life.

Nalari Health and our employees proudly support these organizations.